Stages of skin melanoma - what do the numbers from 0 to 4 mean, TNM classification, prognosis
Skin melanoma is a rare tumor that is malignant in 5% of cases. Use of classification
back skin melanoma
How to determine which spot on the body may be the beginning of the development of skin cancer
Types of skin cancer Who should be on guard Skin cancer: first signs and symptoms Methods
How dangerous are acne on the face of a newborn baby?
If redness on the skin and pimples on the child’s face do not go away for a long time,
Causes of melanoma development
Main symptoms, treatment and prognosis of amelanoma
The incidence of cancer in the 21st century worries doctors all over the world. One of
Salicylic acid and acetylsalicylic acid difference
The successes of cosmetology are encouraging, but many still find it difficult to choose effective acne medications for themselves.
How to treat teenage acne in boys and who to turn to for help
Causes of acne in a girl or boy aged 11 - 12 years old Poor diet causes
fruit on chest
Features of the appearance of eczema of the areola of the mammary gland (breast) and treatment methods
Eczema on the chest is a chronic disease, which is characterized by a rash of the chest, parapapillary area,
Care for combination skin prone to oiliness and inflammation
First of all, you need to decide what kind of skin is considered combination. And everything is pretty here
Sweating during pregnancy
Causes of increased sweating during pregnancy
The period of bearing a child is accompanied by various changes in the body of the expectant mother. One of the unpleasant symptoms
The effectiveness of Levomekol for the treatment of acne
Causes of rashes Acne can occur in the following cases: changes in hormonal levels during puberty
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