How dangerous are acne on the face of a newborn baby?
If redness on the skin and pimples on the child’s face do not go away for a long time,
How to treat teenage acne in boys and who to turn to for help
Causes of acne in a girl or boy aged 11 - 12 years old Poor diet causes
Care for combination skin prone to oiliness and inflammation
First of all, you need to decide what kind of skin is considered combination. And everything is pretty here
Sweating during pregnancy
Causes of increased sweating during pregnancy
The period of bearing a child is accompanied by various changes in the body of the expectant mother. One of the unpleasant symptoms
How to quickly and without consequences remove a scar from a caesarean section?
A tattoo on a caesarean section scar is one of the easiest ways to hide the consequences of the operation.
What can you use to wipe your face for acne?
Rubbing your face with ice - cold for beauty and youth
Clean skin / Acne products / Other products / What you can wipe your face with
Nourish the skin from the inside: nutraceuticals in the work of a cosmetologist
The British scientific journal British Journal of Nutrition published a study in the early 2000s that
How to cleanse the scalp of sebaceous plugs at home
Question to an expert: When to sound the alarm if your hair is falling out Answers to most of the questions that concern us
Dry cosmetics Kholinka
How to choose the right cosmetics for dry skin?
Many of us, one way or another, have come across the concept of LM - cosmetics, but what
Effective recipes for whitening face masks with lemon
What are the benefits of lemon for the skin? Pigmentation is the process of colored skin appearing on the surface of the skin.
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