Stages of skin melanoma - what do the numbers from 0 to 4 mean, TNM classification, prognosis
Skin melanoma is a rare tumor that is malignant in 5% of cases. Use of classification
back skin melanoma
How to determine which spot on the body may be the beginning of the development of skin cancer
Types of skin cancer Who should be on guard Skin cancer: first signs and symptoms Methods
Causes of melanoma development
Main symptoms, treatment and prognosis of amelanoma
The incidence of cancer in the 21st century worries doctors all over the world. One of
The effectiveness of Levomekol for the treatment of acne
Causes of rashes Acne can occur in the following cases: changes in hormonal levels during puberty
Photos of hepatitis C
Spider veins on the body with cirrhosis photo - Treating the liver
Each person reacts individually to the development of the hepatitis C virus and to the treatment prescribed
cosmo blog - Cleansing gel with neutral ph
Naturel: Levrana Cleansing Gel with Blue Clay and pH 5.5
Beauty adepts urge you to remember your school chemistry curriculum, because washing your skin every day is wrong
Dehydration of facial skin—the main causes
Why does the skin on my face dry out? Causes, symptoms, methods of deep hydration
Many people know that a cell is a complex microorganism in which all kinds of chemical reactions continuously occur.
Teen skin care: how to get rid of acne?
Useful tips Often, arms and legs are those parts of the body that many
Wart inflammation in the sun
What to do if, when removing a wart, it festers
What is it and what types are there? How to identify a wart? She represents education
Boric acid is a good antiseptic! Application, contraindications, side effects in the treatment of acne on the face
To eliminate age spots, you can use herbal masks and lotions, or use
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